• 'For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them'. Aristotle

    The XDs is a not-for-profit membership group operating at the interface of science, emerging technology, design and the arts. Projects it runs tend to explore questions linked to health and wellbeing, culture and society.

    The group specialises in using design-based methods to generate insight and ideas, make new, more meaningful product, service and experience prototypes, and create human-centred, empathetic propositions that to deliver cultural, social and economic upsides.

    The group has two main drivers:

    Enable skilled and talented professionals to learn more, do more, express themselves more fully, collaborate with interesting people, and flourish and grow.

    Apply those specialist skills in a way that delivers wider social impact - to solve problems for a mix of people in new, better, more meaningful ways.

    As such The XDs is an act of passion and of care.

    XDs members are specialists interested in learning, sharing and making. The group features a diverse mix of disciplines, including data science, psychology, art, video, artificial intelligence, software, business strategy, user experience and interface design, neuroscience and mobile technology.

    Business collaborators
    Accenture, Barclays, VEInteractive, Fundsurfer, Dictum (San Francisco), Havas Media and AXA.

    Not-for profit collaborators
    The Royal College of Nursing, the Southbank, Body and Soul (charity), Essex Coalition for Disabled People (charity), Digital Catapult and the Design Business Association (DBA).

    University collaborators
    City University, Central Saint Martins/ UAL, Loughborough University, Royal College of Art and Oxford Brookes.

    So far, several hundred people have participated in XDs workshops. These have been run in the UK, the States, Denmark and Germany.

    If you're interested in joining or out more Connect.