• Growing harmonious communities

    The question we wanted to explore was ‘how can we create an ecosystem of new experiences, products and services that deliver a sense of belonging, meaning and financial value for a local community, for large brands, small businesses and residents?’

    What we did

    Working with a range of collaborators including Greenwich University's Digital Arts Department we took a large space in the Truman Brewery warehouse, assembled an awesome team of hackers, hipsters and hustlers and ran a 72 hour innovation sprint.

    Using insight generated with end users as well as insight kindly supplied by Kay Pallaris of Mapping Futures, and a number of innovation methods and tools, 80 people delivered 8 prototypes with top line business cases for each.


    New solutions to post-industrial, social and economic problems
    Accelerated learning and fostering of innovation culture
    Specialist talent leveraged in a new and useful way
    Extensive network development for participants
    Sense of purpose and achievement