• Easier patient administration for nurses

    With partner the Royal College of Nursing we explored how we could help nurses complete their administrative tasks more easily and in a way that delivered other outcomes, e.g. increased efficiency, accuracy of information capture, and opportunities for more patient 'face time'.

    What we did
    We generated insight by conducting market and end user research, creating user journeys and creating a 'How might we re-imagine administration for nurses?' hypothesis which identified the precise opportunity.

    Over two days we ran a workshop where 80 hand picked specialists formed 8 teams specifically designed to collaborate, explore the question and create solutions too. Skills represented included nursing and healthcare, psychology, software development, user experience design, visual design, interaction design, fine art, video, business strategy, data science and artificial intelligence.

    Aside from 10 nurses, other participants included specialists from Google DeepMind, The Royal College of Art, Loughborough University, Accenture, City University, UsTwo, Central Saint Martins/ UAL, the NHS, plus start-ups from the micro business community. One team - Dictum - participated remotely from San Fran.

    Cross discipline/ diverse dialogue
    User centred ideas and concepts
    Tangible early stage prototypes
    Lean business plans/ propositions
    Presentations and videos

    Accelerated learning for participants
    Increased know how and skills
    Expanded/ deeper networks
    New model for the Royal College of Nursing
    New intellectual property to develop
    Opportunity to access funding
    Some great stories to share

    The photograph is by and part of the 'Royal College of Nursing Care On Camera' series. It was taken by Ali Lomas and is titled 'Trauma Nurse'.