• Creating local connection

    The brief was to ‘re-imagine loyalty’ and apply what we learned to create more compelling, sustained interactions between people who are local to Peckham, visitors and local businesses - more or a sense of belonging and connection. To do this we worked with Havas Media and the Peckham Refreshment Rooms, one of the new wave of eateries Peckham now plays host to.

    What we did

    Through our research with end users (customers and tradespeople) and more widely too, we realised there was a big opportunity to create a joined up, hyper-local network of merchants and local users where everyone benefited.

    We joined up a mix of technologies - iBeacons, augmented reality and VR codes - to create a prototype of a complete ecosystem of on and offline experiences all delivered via a mobile app. Merchants upload their content – e.g. menus, local events, new dishes and deals, and via an app interface, and customers can get the best of everything in the area as they move through it.


    More meaning delivered by a human-centred, empathetic design approach
    More businesses connected to people in more creative/ relevant ways
    New model to be taken forward by local businesses/ enterprise agencies
    Sense of individual connection/ belonging to locale
    Evidence of how diverse disciplines/ sprint model can deliver value