• Money management for disabled people

    The question we wanted to explore was how we could 're-imagine how disabled people could manage their health support more easily - do it in a way that was liberating and felt easier, freer for them, their carers and the charities that helped them too'.

    To do this we collaborated with the Essex Coalition for Disabled People (charity), Barclays and Accenture. These organisations all had an interest in seeing how they could use new technology to deliver more value to end users and back into their businesses, in seeing how they could create a more learning and innovation based model and culture, and how they could articulate and leverage the talent they have in house more effectively too.

    What we did

    We designed and delivered a hackathon - a high energy innovation sprint run over 48 hours. In this case this involved 70 people drawn from a mix of disciplines working in 7 teams (one based in Copenhagen Business School) and taking insight we'd generated with end users to deliver ideas, working prototypes and business plans.


    Tangible, adoptable solutions (i.e. made with end users)
    Cheaper R&D model for the charity, for Barclays and Accenture
    Intellectual property in the form of 7 protoypes
    Accelerated learning and advanced team play
    Agile/ speedier delivery
    Human-centred design culture
    Better leveraged talent